Nov 30, 2012

Top 10 Most Destructive Weapons

People use weapons to prevent others attack. But sometimes these weapons become destructive to humanity. These Top 10 Most Destructive weapons are that kinds of weapons. In this Top 10 we are going to inform you about most destructive weapons. Here it is.

1. AH-64 Apache: Apache is an attacking helicopter. It is the legendary destructive weapon which has the capacity to blow 16 Hellfire anti-tank missiles, over 70 rockets and 30mm gun in just a single blow got the top spot. Though it is not the fastest helicopter but it can fly for as fast as 148 mile per hour with maximum speed of 320 mile per hour. It was tested during the operation Desert Strom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. It is in the 1st position of these Top 10 Most Destructive Weapons.

2. Taranis: Taranis is mostly known as the “Drone”. This is a very powerful mass destructive weapon that could ultimately annihilate the enemies of war. The plane is powered by artificial intelligence. This weapon which we usually seen and play in other war games has come to its shape. This killing weapon is in the 2nd position of these Top 10 Most Destructive Weapons.

3. Ohio SSBN: Ohio SSBN is a kind of submarine. This magnificent submarine is equipped to hold 24 nuclear tipped missiles. This undisputed submarine can carry 154 tomahawk cruise missiles with 60 special-ops hordes too. It is ready to destroy anything around the world if anything tries to hurt it within 1,000 miles. That’s why it is in the 3rd position of these Top 10 Most Destructive Weapons.

4. Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier: Nimitz Class is a magnificent ship that can be sailed for 20 years without refueling. It is more or less unbelievable but true it can carry storage of missiles, cannons for defense, devices that releases anti-torpedo and other are thinking of odd nuke. It has already 64 fighter jets to attack. It is guarded with two missile cruisers, a destroyer, two submarines, supply ship and a frigate.  So it is in the 4th position of these Top 10 Most Destructive Weapons.

5. F 22 Raptor: F22 is a fighter jet land at the 5th spot.  It is known to be the best fighter jet in the world. It has stealth feature that has the capacity to fly faster than speed of sound. It has many destructive features that includes cannons, interval bay weapons and equipped with wing-mounted pods for missiles. It was built to fight against the Soviet fighters jets. It is in the 5th position of these Top 10 Most Destructive Weapons.

6. Oshkosh M-ATV: M-ATV is a personnel carrier. It is a new breed of armored cars that has min-resistant ambush protected vehicle. It can travel to as much as 30 mile per hour and with its V-shaped armored hull it can entirely spoil the planted bombs along road. It is able to carry a 7.62mm round in its engine even without recoiling and a heavy machine gun or better the grenade launcher. It is in the 6th position of these Top 10 Most Destructive Weapons.

7. Tomahawk Cruise Missile: This mass destructive missile is nearly an impossible. It can fly low and fast that is almost undetected through radars. It also delivers an entire 1,000 pounds of warhead. It can also be launched under the surface of water. It can be used as high-fling weapon like B-52 bomber. Because of its fatality it is in the 7th position of these Top 10 Most Destructive Weapons.

8. Abrams M1A2: This kind of tanks can be described as the best tanks in the world. It has explosives that can eventually let escapes nobody. It can travel with a maximum speed of 43 miles per hour while dragging a 68 tons of steel-encases exhausted uranium armors around. It fully equipped with six separate periscopes that provide a 360-degree view. Abrams tank is in the 8th position of these Top 10 Most Destructive Weapons.

9. Kalashnikov AK-47: It is usually known as AK-47. This extraordinary gun is not just a gun that can be brought elsewhere. It has precise accuracy that ha pertinent benefit compares to other guns in the world. You can use this gun about for 10 years without any problems. Nowadays, there are 50 noted armies who have held this most dangerous gun. It is in the 9th position of these Top 10 Most Destructive Weapons.

10. IED: It is a kind of bomb. One of the most dangerous weapons in the face of earth is bombs. We all know that there are many people who suffered for it. Today it was notified as one of the worst nightmare of the modern soldiers because of its risk that can explode and entirely mutilate someone nears it. These bombs are undetectable since it has nor metal and electronic parts on it. It is in the 10th position of these Top 10 Most Destructive Weapons.